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About Us At Driver Excellence

Driver Excellence was established to provide a truly professional Driver Hire service in the Western Cape where it was felt that no such service existed.

Our staff have over 40 years combined experience in the transport industry to draw upon, giving us a clear understanding of your needs as a Client, and ensuring that we provide you with professional drivers suited to your needs.

We insist that all our drivers are contactable at all times, allowing us to source one or more drivers at short notice, keeping your business running without a pause and avoiding costly down time.

Simply put - We save you time and money and keep you going in times of trouble.

  No Worries At All  
When seeking a permanent Driver, we offer you the peace of mind that we have done all the neccesary screening and reference checking, whilst offering you the ability to further interview a Driver.  
  The Advantages Of Using Us  

Here are just a few of the advantages that You can benefit from by choosing us:

  • We provide you with a professional driver hire service.
  • There is no down time due to leave, illness or more.
  • If your driver doesn’t show, we’ll provide a replacement at a moment’s notice.
  • If a driver doesn’t fit your operation, he can be replaced without time consuming and costly IR processing.
  • There are no company contribution costs, our rate to you covers all statutory contributions.
  Why Our Drivers Will Look After You  

With us you can be assured of a high quality range of Drivers who have experience driving the vehicles you use and are keen, effecient and anxious to provide the best possible service they can to You as a Client.

Our Drivers are more than willing to work and continue to show their best qualities, not only because they seek continued employment, but because they want to.